Hi friends! Welcome to our page. My mother and I decided to start curating_cures because we have always taken a more holistic approach to living and our general health. Throughout my life, I have been taught various recipes from generations within my family from cold remedies, hair growth, to skin care and healthy daily routine habits. I decided why shouldn't I share these awesome at home remedies? Lets spread the word! As we progress through a world that relies heavily on social media and digitalization you will see numerous advertisements for expensive products trying to promote skin care, hair growth, etc. I truly believe that the best type of recipes for yourself are simple and natural ingredients through herbs and oils that you can use at home. At home natural ingredients are more efficient, eco friendly, and safer to use on your skin. Think about it this way- if you cant ingest it..why put it on your skin? We truly hope our at home remedies of simple and natural ingredients can even lead atleast one persons life to a healthier way of living. Thank you for joining our journey.