Benefits of a Tongue Scraper

Here is why you should add a tongue scraper to your daily routine

Tongue scrapers are starting to become more popular but this was a tool I was exposed to around 15 years ago shopping in the markets in India with my dad. My family has been using tongue scrapers for majority of our lives and they are the ultimate oral hygiene tool.


  1. Rinse your tongue scraper

  2. Start from the back of your tongue and scrape all the way to the front

  3. Do this a couple of times to get any bacteria/yeast/food off the tongue

  4. Wash off your tongue scraper and rinse your mouth

Benefits of Tongue Scrapers:

  1. Helps significantly eliminate bacteria ( approx 6 billion bacteria cells live in your mouth) I know...ewwww.

  2. Freshens your breathe

  3. Improves your oral hygiene

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