What is an Intentional Life?

Mindful Living

The purpose of living an "intentional life" is to focus on aligning your beliefs and core values with your actions. Its ensuring that these actions you take are for a higher purpose and a greater good. For example: deciding to live a more holistic life. For me, rather than contributing to pharmaceutical companies to ease my health concerns, I turned to a more natural approach such as essential oils and use these as healing properties. Maybe for you its as simple as taking a reusable bag to the grocery store instead of having them bag your groceries in plastic waste. These minimal steps can make a huge impact in both your own life and our environments!

Living an intentional life can be as simple as changing your diet, engaging in more intuitive activities like sound healing or yoga, and leading a life of a higher version of yourself. With a sense of living an intentional life you will realize your self fulfillment will expand alongside helping others. Lets create a more meaningful existence in order to better serve ourselves and our community in a higher, lighter, and more positive light.

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