Energy is Everything

Why your energy determines every aspect of your life

Do you notice how in our society we always talk about our physical and mental health? But what about our spiritual health? If you ask me, it's just as important.

My journey into health and wellness really dove deep at the beginning of 2022. Even though Ive been growing up in a generally holistic family I never really understood how much of our energy is a contribution to every aspect of our life.

Our energy is the vessel to what attracts all things we want, and even what we don't want into our lives (so we have to be careful). I used to think if you just visualized what you wanted you would get it. But that's not really how this all works...

Take for example the concept of "Manifestation". Manifestation has been trending lately but don't be fooled on what you see on social media- its more than just journaling and repeating affirmations. Its a lifestyle- and its all determined by your energy.

For example, lets say you don't enjoy your job. Well if you wake up every morning in an irritated state of mind and think " i hate my job, I don't want to do this, life sucks" you are releasing that energy both into your body and the universe. Guess what? The universe is listening to you. There is so much power in your thoughts and actions, but we can start to shift how we see things from a negative experience and transform it into a positive journey but it takes time).

This starts with how you talk to yourself, your thoughts, and your energy. Take the example above- rather than thinking about how much you hate your job shift your thoughts into what about your job do you not like? How can you make your environment more posiitive? Or even better- what has this current job taught you that you could implement into a new job?

I truly believe the Universe has our back- and that the steps and mindset we have in this current present tense can be a reflection into what our future looks like.

Once i started to realize my energy is determination factor of how my day and life will go everything changed. For example I truly love my job. I often reflect and even say out loud " i love what I do, and I even find my job to be stress free and totally manageable". Im not kidding- once I started to say this more and truly believe this I noticed my job continued get more and more relaxed.

Its like the universe could see how happy my energy was about my job and it wanted to reward me by allowing my 9-5 to actually be enjoyable, stress free, and financially prosperous. Is my job perfect? No, no job is. But am I happy and generally enjoy what I do and don't dread work? Absolutely!

Every job position, relationship, friendship, trip- these are all experiences that life gives us to teach us something valuable within ourselves. The universe wants you to grow and thrive- if you allow it.

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