Grapeseed Oil for skincare

Dryskin and Eczema relief

All my life I have been dealing with dry skin and eczema. I'm sure living in Arizona has been a contributor to this. I have tried all types of medicinal lotions to help with my eczema and dry skin. I pretty much gave up on trying anything. I started realizing that those common "nice smelling lotions" we tend to buy contain tons of ingredients that can be harmful. Heres my rule of thumb: if you cant pronounce the ingredient or need to look it up- its probably not good for your skin. I therefore have decided to look into natural oils as a new skin moisturizer. My go to favorite has been grapeseed oil! It contains an omega-6 fatty acid known as "linoleic acid" which can help decrease pores! This helps eliminate any nervousness of putting an oil on your skin. I have felt so much better knowing that I'm putting simple and natural ingredients on my body to relieve my dryness.

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