Natural Remedy for Canker Sores

Use plain yogurt to help relieve your canker sores

If you've ever had a canker sore then you know they are BRUTAL. I remember when I had such bad one I was on a liquid only diet for two weeks from the pain. However, the quickest and most natural way I was able to eliminate my canker sores were through plain yogurt. This is a remedy my sister, who is a dentist, tells her patients and it has been successful. Yogurt is a natural probiotic that contains an ingredient called "lactobacillus" which fights off the bacteria within a canker sore. Read below on how to effectively do this easy remedy


Try swishing a spoon full of plain yogurt in your mouth for 15 seconds. You can either swallow it after or spit it out. ** If you have a dairy allergy we advise to spit it out or avoid this remedy as a whole to be safe. Otherwise it is the easiest and most natural way to relieve a canker sore.However you need to do this at least 3x times a day for 7 days straight.

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