Remedy for Stomach Bloating

Try seltzer water and a pinch of black salt to relieve bloating & stomach cramps

Feeling bloated and uncomfortable? Don't worry we have the easiest remedy for you! All you need is half a cup of seltzer water and a pinch of black salt! BLAST SALT!? What the heck is that? Good question. So black salt is more native in the regions of Asia especially in the Himalayan Mountains. In India it is known as " Kala Namak". Kala Namak is a type of salt that does have a pungent smell. That is why we recommend only using a pinch. However, it contains antioxidant properties that can help with heartburn, bloating, and reducing sodium levels.


  1. Pour half a can of carbonated/sparkling/ or seltzer water into a cup ( should not have sugar in the carbonated water)

  2. Add justa pinch of black salt

  3. Stir and watch it bubble

  4. Drink and enjoy

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