A turmeric based drink when feeling under the weather

Sheera is a milk-based turmeric tea that's a perfect drink if you're feeling sick. My mom has been making Sheera for me since I was a little girl anytime I was feeling under the weather. Turmeric is a natural anti inflammatory for the body and is great when you are experiencing any type of cold/flu like symptoms. But remember to use only a small amount of it, as turmeric can heat up the body and too much of it can cause a reaction. Hence in our recipe we only use a quarter of a teaspoon.


  • Milk of your choice (almond, non fat, coconut, etc). Anytime you take turmeric its better to take it with something that can absorb it easily.

  • Besan- which is gram flour - 1 tablespoon

  • Ghee- purified butter - 1 and a half tablespoons

  • Turmeric powder - 1/4th of a teaspoon

  • Black pepper- a pinch

  • Honey ( if you want to sweeten the taste) - half a tablespoon

Some ingredients like Besan can be harder to find. We strongly recommend checking out your local Indian grocery store. If there is not one in close proximity to you, you can search online.


  1. Lay out all your ingredients

  2. Start heating up a pan on the stove and place a tablespoon and a half of ghee

  3. As that is melting, go ahead and add a tablespoon of the besan

  4. Mix these ingredients to eliminate any chunks

  5. Add a quarter teaspoon of the turmeric powder

  6. Mix consistently until you see a golden brown color

  7. Now slowly add your half a cup of milk of choice

  8. Keep stirring until a golden yellow

  9. Pour the drink in a cup of your choice

  10. Add a pinch of black pepper

  11. Add half a tablespoon of honey ( if you want to to sweeten the taste)

  12. Stir

  13. Enjoy and make sure to drink warm

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